Noodleboro Picnic Basket Manners Game Review

Noodleboro Picnic Basket Manners Game
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I got this game for my 4 year old nephew and it was a HUGE hit.The object is to collect the foods you need to have a picnic and match them to your spaces on the board.But you have to remember to say "please and thank you" otherwise you lose your turn.It's so nice to see a game that's fun and that teaches valuable lessons.And as a bonus it came with a book that we read about 6 times in one sitting and a cd with songs that he is still singing!Great game I would highly recommend.Keep up the good work Playskool.

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Helping preschoolers learn about social skills just got a little bit easier and a lot more fun! Noodleboro games let you nurture kids? social skills naturally through multi-sensory play that leaves everyone laughing. Each Noodleboro game comes with a storybook and an audio CD so kids can see, hear, play and then live each life lesson. Meet the Noodleboro kids and reinforce listening with songs, stories and tips found in the companion book and CD.
Game for playtime: It's hard to have a perfect picnic party when ants keep trying to steal your food. Just say "please" and "thank you" to send those pesky ants packing and collect all the items that will make the picnic a success. Book for storytime: Rachel refuses to use manners at the picnic with her friends. Read the book to see what happens when her big wish comes true and ends up making her feel "small."
Audio CD for anytime: Play the CD to get kids laughing, singing and sharing with a story and silly songs from Noodleboro's all-kid radio station. For 2-3 players.

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